A Way to Cast Off Vintage Wall Anchors


pesky vintage wall anchors are not attractive. so it's far only natural to need them eliminated. however many owners are scared to try this project on their personal because they're worried about damaging their drywall. also definitely natural. in case you are in the same position right now, you do not ought to agonize tons longer with your DIY choice. there's a easy step-by means of-step manual anticipating you underneath that just would possibly alternate your thoughts approximately getting rid of undesirable wall hangers through yourself!

what you will want

  •     drill
  •     drill bit (or set)
  •     putty knife
  •     software gloves
  •     vintage towel

before you start...

it is important to accumulate all your objects and substances earlier than you begin. the gloves will shield your hands from scratches or blisters, whilst the towel can be laid on the ground under to manage any drywall mess. it's also crucial to choose the ideal drill bit size for the exceptional effects. in case you do no longer have a complete set of drill bits, actually buy one that may be a couple sizes larger than the opening in the wall anchor. remember the fact that if you plan to paint the wall you are working on, you will first want to top the patched areas wherein the wall anchor holes had been. and if you are making plans to put in new drywall anchors, make sure to shop for ones that may be without difficulty eliminated for future convenience!

the first step

take away the screw from the wall anchor.

step two

location the bit within the middle hollow of the wall anchor and start slowly drilling. use a drill bit that is  sizes large than the width of the middle hollow of the anchor. the bit must sit down flawlessly outdoor of the threshold of the hole, with out slipping inner.

step three

when you begin drilling, the collar of the wall anchor must break loose from the wall and routinely push itself out. permit it fall on the ground so that you are not tempted to seize it at the same time as the drill is rotating. be cautious no longer to permit the bit push deep into the wall hollow space, that could interrupt electrical wiring or plumbing pipes.

step four

push the residual drywall fabric lower back into the hollow the usage of your putty knife. you can ought to fill this hollow in ranges for great outcomes.

step five

sand, top, and paint!

A Way to Cast Off Vintage Wall Anchors