Furniture Painting DIY - How to Paint Wooden Furniture at Home

With use, paint of wooden furniture gets to be prevailing fashion and furniture looks old and worn. Truth be told the wood structure of furniture stays in place for a long time, it just needs a re-painting procedure to look like new. Painting home furniture is not a troublesome procedure and you can do it without anyone's help by following the accompanying recommendations.

Apparatuses and Materials Requirement

  • Brush 
  • Froth Roller 
  • Sand Paper 
  • Wood filler (Putty) 
  • Wood Filler Cut 
  • Paint-Groundwork 
  • Paint 
  • Polish or Sealant (discretionary) 
  • Confront veil 
  • Gloves 

Setting up the Home Furniture for Painting Process

Select a very much ventilated place and utilize material or plastic sheets to place furniture over it. Clean the furniture and fill the hollowed, uneven and scratched zones with wood filler. Apply wood filler and wipe off unnecessary with a filler cut. Likewise utilize wood filler in joints for firm connection. At the point when wood filler is dried, utilize sand paper to get smoother surfaces. Presently spotless the furniture well with a fluid and afterward with a build up free fabric.

Utilizing Paint-Groundwork Before Painting

Groundwork is valuable to make the layer of paint to stick equitably to the wood and in addition to get the paint dependable. Without preliminary, paint peel off following couple of months or a year. Utilize paint brush on corners and edges and roller on level surfaces to apply the preliminary. Try not to stress for the even utilization of preliminary, it will be settled in next strides. At the point when preliminary has dried, sand it with a fine coarseness sand paper and after that clean the sawdust.

Painting the Home Furniture

Presently furniture is prepared for applying the paint. Utilize froth roller on level surfaces and afterward paint brush on uneven surfaces and where the roller couldn't reach. Utilize paint conditioner to back off the drying edge of the paint. It makes the paint coat all the more even. Apply a moment layer of paint if essential and let it dry.

Sealant or Finish

In spite of the fact that you are done, however for a sparkly look, you may get a kick out of the chance to utilize paint-sealant at this last stage. It shield the furniture from scratches and include an overlook it. Once more, let the veneer to dry well before moving the furniture.

Wellbeing Safety measures

For individual wellbeing, utilize great quality face cover to keep the hurtful impacts of exhaust of paint-chemicals. Do such a lot of painting in an all around ventilated and lit up place. Utilize gloves and full fabrics to shield the skin from harmful substance impacts.

Furniture Painting DIY - How to Paint Wooden Furniture at Home